Economic Development

Economic Development
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PO Box 807, Collie WA 6225 Australia

Driving economic development in the Bunbury Wellington area through a partnership between Local Governments and Industry

PO Box 1827, Bunbury WA 6230 Australia

Regional Development Australia (RDA) is a nationwide initiative of the Commonwealth Government.
RDA aims to work with State and Local Government for the betterment of regional Australia and to provide a framework for reporting to Canberra the issues facing the regions. Key functions include:

  • work with Commonwealth priorities and advise on infrastructure/project funding;
  • act as a two-way conduit providing advice to and from the Australian Government;
  • contribute to strategic regional planning and regional development and community initiatives;
  • promote whole-of-Government programs, policies and initiatives; and
  • establish links and co-operative alliances by working with regional communities, other regional development organisations including the WA Regional Development Commissions, neighbouring RDAs and local governments to promote regional development.

RDA – South West is one of nine Western Australian bodies among the 55 RDA areas nationwide.

SW Regional Blueprint

Your feedback counts:  The Draft SW Regional Blueprint is out for public review and awaiting your input.
Containing the usual regional data, this Blueprint goes much further and is a more analytical document than ever before. It takes local information, frames that within an overview of global trends such as ageing and the growth of Asia, and then provides an analysis which points to where investments are necessary since the consequences of doing nothing cannot be accepted.

The single regional planning document is a joint effort between RDA-South West and the South West Development Commission and  once completed, will guide investment in regional development into the future.

The Draft and feedback form are available as downloads from the links below. Those who wish to provide feedback on line should click here for the link to the SWDC site.

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